Terms of Service

Using our services, you automatically accept our terms of service in all their forms:

  • All resources are available for educational purposes only, for other uses or purposes you will need to purchase the product directly from the seller. Our service is designed to let you try the resources with no obligation to purchase, but if you plan to use what you have downloaded, you will need to purchase it from the seller

  • The download speed refers to the theoretical maximum speed that can be reached, however the resources are not dedicated and some conditions could change this value (such as, for example: server load, users connected at the same time, and so on), please be aware that our server are actually located only in EUROPE.

  • You agree not to share your account with other people, if irregular use of the account is identified, we will permanently ban all the account involved

  • You agree not to waste resources, downloading the full archive is considered resources wasting and will get you permanently banned

  • Decompiling or reverse engineering our software is against this TOS, but, in any case, we want to inform you that all is handled server side

  • Refunds are not accepted under any circumstances, we also remind you that the activation time of your account could take up to 48 working hours in some cases

  • We do not provide support for building your game, we can only provide support if you are having difficulty installing the assets or plugins provided by DevLeaks

  • All payments are processed automatically upon expiry if you do not cancel the service, for this reason we cannot provide a refund in case of forgetfulness

  • The lifetime service is guaranteed until the existence of DevLeaks, in case of termination of the service due to force majeure we undertake to offer you access to our catalog in an alternative way, without however guaranteeing further future updates

  • DevLeaks is not responsible for slow download speeds due to long distance from the server, as specified in the price plan and these terms of service, our servers are located in europe. Connection from distant countries such as America or China (for example), could negatively affect stability and download speed. It is understood that in the future we may open a server in different locations, implied but not guaranteed.

The terms of service are subjected to change at any time, without prior notice, please consult this page to stay updated.
Last Update: 18/08/2023

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