Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most requested questions from our community
Is there any download limit?
No, you can download as many files as you want
How long will it take for my account to be activated after the purchase?
We will try to activate your account as quickly as possible, but due to some verifications it may take up to 24 hours
Where are the servers located?
Please take note before purchase that our server are located in Europe, if you are too far away you can expect slow download speed, connection / packet loss and other network problem related to server distance.
Can i share my account?
Accounts are personal, if sharing activity is detected your account will be permanently banned.
Are you constantly adding new assets?
Yes, we update our archive monthly
What does the Premium service offer?
Faster download speed, new exclusive assets available only for premium users and Premium role on our forum
How to extract .001 .002 files?
You need to download 7Zip, extract all the files inside a new folder, open with 7Zip the .001 file and extract the content, that's it. (You don't need to manually extract all the 00X files, when extracting the .001 7Zip will also extract all other archives)
Can I get a refund after I subscribe?
Due to the nature of the service it is not possible to receive a refund, every purchase is final.
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